Privacy statement as of 2023-09-22


This website consists of static content only and is hosted by GitHub via GitHub Pages. All of its contents are kept on the server of our hosting service. When you access a page on this website, you send an HTTP request to GitHub. Such a request typically includes your IP address, the page URL that you want to access, the URL of your current page (the referrer), and your user agent string (in particular, information about your operating system and your web browser). Such HTTP requests are necessary for your web browser to load the pages that you want to access. As a hosting service, GitHub keeps logs of your HTTP requests (including your IP address) together with basic metadata (such as timestamps) on grounds of legitimate interest, e.g., to detect errors and to mitigate denial of service attacks. For more details see GitHub’s privacy policy. We do not have direct access to GitHub’s logs.

Remote automated provers

By using remote automated provers in the web interface, you send requests to System on TPTP. System on TPTP may keep logs of your requests (including your IP address) on grounds of legitimate interest, e.g., to prevent people from abusing these shared computing resources.

Analytics and tracking

We do not track you or keep any of your personal data. We do not have access to logs of our hosting service and System on TPTP.